Idiots. We all know one.

  Once you’ve reached adulthood, there’s a good chance you’ve met a few idiots. Unfortunately, these idiots span a large grey-area of types. There’s no one kind.

  There’s your mad idiots…

…and sad idiots.

  And even people who aren’t necessarily idiots, but sometimes feel like an idiot, for good reason.

  Now that I think about it, there are too many types of idiots, but my least favorite kind is the happy idiot.

  You know, the “Well gee-golly-wilikers” nice guy that is just too nice, and back-ass-wards at everything; like a Gilligan, or an Urkel.

  The problem with idiots is that there’s so many. EVERYONE knows an idiot, even idiots, and if you don’t know one good idiot, then it might be you.

  Even so, I ask “What would the world be without idiots?“, and I think to myself, “boring“. Not every idiot deserves to be shunned, because without them we couldn’t watch them do things like this…

…or this…

  …or even this.

  So, for this Random Rant, I just want to toast the idiots. You piss me off, but damn it you make the world entertaining.




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