Life, it happens.

Life, it happens.

  Not every choice is black and white, and some come with hefty cons on both sides. In another Random Rant, I talked – a whole lot – about how I decided to leave a miserable job after many years on a very risky chance, and what happened afterwards was a difficult journey.

  I hated my job. Well, it wasn’t so much the job itself, as much as it was the people I was surrounded by. While every job has those people, after many years, I came to understand how much being surrounded by those folks was bad for me. Not only bad for me, but my family as well. So, when the opportunity to leave finally arose, it felt unbelievably “right” to take the chance.

  I thought long and hard about leaving my job, but in the end decided to go for it, leave, and through a string of bad luck, the new job fell through.

  I couldn’t go back to my old job, and now had no job.The tension in my life shot through the roof, over the clouds, and escaped the milky way. Everyday became a daunting task. I worked at my last job for a decade, and applying for jobs nowadays is all online, and not very personal. You just type, send, and pray someone contacts you back. It was a scary time.

  As terrified as I was, I was still certain that the decision to leave the old job was a good one; I could feel it in my gut. Though uncertain about the future, I carried on. With a family of four, failure was never going to be an option anyway. I kept my hopes high, and my will strong.

"Never Give Up" by Vickn

  They say its darkest before the dawn, well let me tell you, it gets unbelievably bleak and rainy too. I kept tediously tiptoeing through that darkness, pushed through the blind wet mist, and finally found the beginnings of that warm and comforting light.

  With high hopes, and a little luck, I found my way into a job that I love. It requires a lot of effort, and long hours, but the atmosphere is a much kinder, and pleasant. For the first time in a long time I look forward to going to work. Not to mention, it has some amazing perks!

  Moral of the story, you only have one life, and if you truly believe in something, you should go for it. That doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing, but when you come to a hurdle, climb it.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned in life; it goes on.” – Robert Frost 


  Never give up, trust in yourself, and keep moving forward. Don’t fear the dark and rainy times, because when the light does break, you just might find a rainbow.