No seriously, WTF?

No seriously, WTF?

 Today was a sad, sad day. Not because Trump won, or because Hillary lost, but because its over.

Both choices were TERRIBLE in my opinion, and I would have been sad to see either of them win.

The third-party option wasn’t really a great choice in my opinion either; no offense.

I’m not sad about the turn out.

I just kinda felt like this shit show would go on forever, like a bad T.V. series that makes no sense. Like eventually we would find out the entire nation was on “Punk’d”.

I jest.

 Actually, I’m disappointed in the country for the reactions to the turn out. This is the system YOU have been swearing is the only way to change this country, and then react like children ON BOTH SIDES either throwing temper tantrums, or bragging and boasting immorally.

 I mean, fuck. Where’s your common decency? Not everyone is reacting this way, but it’s happening in mass.

If you want to CHANGE this country, all you had to do was be a decent person. You don’t need some killer corporate owned Hillary, or dumbfounded Donald.

Just be a decent person, to EVERYONE; regardless of their OPINIONS -which they have the right to have.

Seriously, everyone, GROW UP. Just be decent. Thanks in advance, and I promise to do my part.



P.s. Change starts with each of us; look inside.