DIY Fire Fun

DIY Fire Fun

  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself getting lost in YouTube videos.  I love checking out DIY videos, but, being Nothing Normal, tend to look for abnormal DIY projects. Today, I decided to get sucked into some videos dealing with fire, and I wasn’t disappointed by what I found.

*Know that attempting to re-create any of the following experiments is not recommended, and performed at your own risk, or whatever.

  This first video is a set of ten tricks with fire that can easily be performed at home. None of these tricks are inherently dangerous, but remember, fire itself is dangerous, so don’t screw around.

 Video Credit: Brusspup 

  So, this is how it began, trolling through YouTube for DIY fire tricks. Pretty basic stuff, however, I soon found something a bit more intriguing.

Video Credit: Al Stahler

  If you’re anything like me, you watched that video several times thinking, “Exactly wtf did I just witness?” Well, this is Al Stahler and his creation named the Plasma Popper. Not only is this device easily build-able, but it’s amazing to watch. Al has several designs of this device, and has even set up shooting galleries for people of all ages to launch tennis balls from a modified version, which is like a potato launcher.

Video Credit: Al Stahler

Video Credit: Al Stahler

Video Credit: Al Stahler

  While this device looks like the brain child of a mad man – which it totally is – it’s actually made of some basic materials you could find at any hardware store.

  An easy tutorial of how to make one of these bad ass toys was created by another YouTuber called NightHawkInLight, who had originally found the project on

Video Credit: NightHawkInLight

  As awesome as this is, I found myself needing something a bit more… spy-tech, for whatever reason, and soon came across JLaservideoThis YouTuber makes a wide variety of inventions, but the first to catch my eye was his fireball launching wrist watch. It’s a little out of my league as far as DIY, but is an awesome creation nonetheless.

This video runs a bit long, so if you just want to see this device in action, skip forward to around 6:30.

Video Credit: JLaservideo

  While this invention is awesome, I found another of his projects dangerously fun, and much easier to build.

*Again, it is not recommended that you re-create these devices, but if you do, don’t blame me if you burn your house down.

  To see this wrist flamethrower in action, skip forward to around 10:50.

Dangerously delightful.

  Say, speaking of dangerous and delightful… I just remembered a little something from a previous article I’ve written containing a little DIY firepower.

  Did you know that non-dairy powdered coffee creamer is banned in some prison commissaries? This is due to the fact that it is highly flammable in the right conditions, and has been used to create effective makeshift flamethrowers.

  This powder is non-flammable if you just pile it up and try to set it ablaze, but when mixed with air in a dust-like consistency, it is highly flammable due to its high fat content, as demonstrated below.

Video Credit: ScamSchool

  This is a neat trick, and I was amazed at how flammable this household item really was. However, I kept searching for a worthier example of how someone could weaponize something so readily available and simple, you know, out of curiosity.

  After a few hours of YouTube-ing, I found that most coffee creamer flamethrower videos have one thing in common, a fire source that was pre-existing, and a method of blowing the dust across it.

  YouTuber Nick Uhas performed some experiments using a squeezable bottle with a nozzle full of creamer, puffing it out as a dust across a flame. It yielded some interesting results, and laid some deeper information as to why and how the creamer is so flammable.

Video Credit: Nick Uhas

  Nick didn’t stop experimenting on the small scale, and soon made a powdered coffee creamer “flamethrower” using a modified Ryobi leaf blower. While it expelled the dust well over a fire, it had no ignition source of its own, making it more of a coffee creamer dust-blower.

Video Credit: Nick Uhas

  I was beginning to think that no one had gone the distance to make a fully functioning DIY flamethrower out of coffee creamer, until I found a video shared by HodgePunk. He has in fact made a working flamethrower, originally using cornstarch as the fuel. He later used non-dairy powdered coffee creamer, and found that the results were much better. Using a modified leaf blower with an attached propane torch, and a crank operated hopper to contain the “fuel” material, his flamethrower – like Wu-tang Clan – ain’t nothing to fuck with.

Video Credit: HodgePunk

  In this first video, he simply used cornstarch, which proved effective at short distances. The close ups of the device and few rough descriptions show that this device is fairly simple to construct.

  In his update video of this powder-flame-throwing-death-device, he shows how the device performs when both cornstarch is used and when non-dairy powdered coffee creamer is used.

Video Credit: HodgePunk

I’d say the coffee creamer wins, for sure.

  Most of the DIY fun with fire videos I came across were simple parlor tricks, but the folks behind the fiery tricks and inventions I’ve shared with you today surely go above and beyond to show a love of pyrotechnics. With that being said, if you plan to have some fun with fire, please do so with caution, and don’t act like a jackass. After all, this is fire we are talking about. You know what can happen when you play with fire.

 While I may lack the skill to re-create many of these incredible experiments and inventions, I do find them educational, as well as obscure. However, when it comes to playing with fire, I will always find the most joy in the simple classics.



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