Random Rants: Episode 4: Idiots

Random Rants: Episode 4: Idiots

Idiots. We all know one.

  Once you’ve reached adulthood, there’s a good chance you’ve met a few idiots. Unfortunately, these idiots span a large grey-area of types. There’s no one kind.

  There’s your mad idiots…

…and sad idiots.

  And even people who aren’t necessarily idiots, but sometimes feel like an idiot, for good reason.

  Now that I think about it, there are too many types of idiots, but my least favorite kind is the happy idiot.

  You know, the “Well gee-golly-wilikers” nice guy that is just too nice, and back-ass-wards at everything; like a Gilligan, or an Urkel.

  The problem with idiots is that there’s so many. EVERYONE knows an idiot, even idiots, and if you don’t know one good idiot, then it might be you.

  Even so, I ask “What would the world be without idiots?“, and I think to myself, “boring“. Not every idiot deserves to be shunned, because without them we couldn’t watch them do things like this…

…or this…

  …or even this.

  So, for this Random Rant, I just want to toast the idiots. You piss me off, but damn it you make the world entertaining.




Do you know a REAL idiot? Share your idiot in the comment section below!

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Random Rants: Episode 3: Life Unexpected

Random Rants: Episode 3: Life Unexpected

Life, it happens.

Life, it happens.

  Not every choice is black and white, and some come with hefty cons on both sides. In another Random Rant, I talked – a whole lot – about how I decided to leave a miserable job after many years on a very risky chance, and what happened afterwards was a difficult journey.

  I hated my job. Well, it wasn’t so much the job itself, as much as it was the people I was surrounded by. While every job has those people, after many years, I came to understand how much being surrounded by those folks was bad for me. Not only bad for me, but my family as well. So, when the opportunity to leave finally arose, it felt unbelievably “right” to take the chance.

  I thought long and hard about leaving my job, but in the end decided to go for it, leave, and through a string of bad luck, the new job fell through.

  I couldn’t go back to my old job, and now had no job.The tension in my life shot through the roof, over the clouds, and escaped the milky way. Everyday became a daunting task. I worked at my last job for a decade, and applying for jobs nowadays is all online, and not very personal. You just type, send, and pray someone contacts you back. It was a scary time.

  As terrified as I was, I was still certain that the decision to leave the old job was a good one; I could feel it in my gut. Though uncertain about the future, I carried on. With a family of four, failure was never going to be an option anyway. I kept my hopes high, and my will strong.

"Never Give Up" by Vickn

  They say its darkest before the dawn, well let me tell you, it gets unbelievably bleak and rainy too. I kept tediously tiptoeing through that darkness, pushed through the blind wet mist, and finally found the beginnings of that warm and comforting light.

  With high hopes, and a little luck, I found my way into a job that I love. It requires a lot of effort, and long hours, but the atmosphere is a much kinder, and pleasant. For the first time in a long time I look forward to going to work. Not to mention, it has some amazing perks!

  Moral of the story, you only have one life, and if you truly believe in something, you should go for it. That doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing, but when you come to a hurdle, climb it.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned in life; it goes on.” – Robert Frost 


  Never give up, trust in yourself, and keep moving forward. Don’t fear the dark and rainy times, because when the light does break, you just might find a rainbow.



Random Rants: Episode 2: WTF?

Random Rants: Episode 2: WTF?

No seriously, WTF?

No seriously, WTF?

 Today was a sad, sad day. Not because Trump won, or because Hillary lost, but because its over.

Both choices were TERRIBLE in my opinion, and I would have been sad to see either of them win.

The third-party option wasn’t really a great choice in my opinion either; no offense.

I’m not sad about the turn out.

I just kinda felt like this shit show would go on forever, like a bad T.V. series that makes no sense. Like eventually we would find out the entire nation was on “Punk’d”.

I jest.

 Actually, I’m disappointed in the country for the reactions to the turn out. This is the system YOU have been swearing is the only way to change this country, and then react like children ON BOTH SIDES either throwing temper tantrums, or bragging and boasting immorally.

 I mean, fuck. Where’s your common decency? Not everyone is reacting this way, but it’s happening in mass.

If you want to CHANGE this country, all you had to do was be a decent person. You don’t need some killer corporate owned Hillary, or dumbfounded Donald.

Just be a decent person, to EVERYONE; regardless of their OPINIONS -which they have the right to have.

Seriously, everyone, GROW UP. Just be decent. Thanks in advance, and I promise to do my part.



P.s. Change starts with each of us; look inside.

Random Rants: Episode 1: Money over Mind

Random Rants: Episode 1: Money over Mind

Money over Mind: Are we selling ourselves short?

For the longest time I’ve questioned it and haven’t been able to shake the uneasy feeling in my gut when I punch that time clock. I’m sure you feel the same. Eight hours a day we slave away to a boss we can’t stand at a job we’re not happy with all to pay the bills and feed our families, but are we doing the right thing? Everyone has needs, necessities, and goals but have we lost sight of what it means to live?


Lowman & Hanford Printing Company Time Clock from 1913

As we grow older we are forced to face reality for what it is. We are tossed into the world and scramble to find work.  We are given no rule book or guide to success therefore we accept the jobs we can find.  Even if we are lucky enough to find a stable full-time job that pays the bills you may still find yourself coming home angry and waking up depressed.  What can you do but carry on punching?

Punching that time clock isn’t always so bad, providing the things we need, however as people we yearn for more.  We are individuals with individual passions, talents, and capabilities yet we continue to work jobs that don’t embrace our uniqueness.  We punch time clocks and complete remedial tasks for little pay so someone who followed their passions and created the business can fatten their pockets from our work. We toil while they cart around playing golf or throw back brews on their yachts.

What have these people done to achieve this position?

It’s all very simple; as strange as that sounds.

 Find your passion and focus on it everyday.


It sounds so stupid but embracing your passions may lead you to a much better job and a happier life. Every business started out as a dream. It might not work out but it could and that’s the point. That’s the lesson we need to teach our children. If you never try you’ve already failed. Why not try and see what happens? If you find your passions, follow them, and PUT WORK TOWARDS THEM EVERYDAY it’s only a matter of time before you will achieve something.

Let’s face it most jobs today flat out suck and we are not happy with them. It’s not our fault. A lot has changed. There are no ladders to climb or promotions that are really promotions. Jobs have lost their societal construction and the community vibe. Years ago companies had softball teams and cookouts -creating a community in the work force- which made the job worth participating in. Companies created almost families, respecting hard workers, and did everything they could to repay them. Everyone from CEO to lowly stock clerk knew that the work they put in should be nothing less than their best because it translated to better business -which meant in turn increases in pay, better insurance, etc- and the gains were shared. Now companies have turned employees into numbers and separated themselves from any communal structure. Today we are nothing more than files to the company no matter how hard you work which has translated into shitty business, shitty customer service, and shitty dispositions. You can sweat and toil for years, even decades, only to find yourself no better off than other workers who barely function and receive the same treatment as you. Sounds fair; right?

So what should we do?

Should we stop caring and snail along like the lazy coworker?

Should we continue to bust hump hoping one day it will all pay off?

“Not I, ” says this guy.


For nearly a decade I slaved myself to a company that never cared about me. Yes the job afforded me living and necessities, but it never made my family or me happy.  All those years I worked the night shift; the dreaded, wretched, shift that eats souls and spits out profits for a higher hand. For all those years I was forced to leave my wife home alone in our bed at night. That was enough to make we want to quit. Then there was the sleep schedule that literally never existed. I slept when I could most days, and crashed through others completely. I never had any time for a real life of my own.  My son suffered most from my shift; missing me at baseball games and school events because I was too tired. That was the hardest part. The toil on my family life.

Any shift work job interferes with your happiness if you are unhappy in your work. The day you are unhappy in your work is the day you no longer belong there. I mean truly unhappy. When it fills every facet of your being with bitterness you should leave. So what do you do? Obviously you can’t just quit, and must have some form of income. Finding another job may only replace the unhappiness from the previous one. You can continue the repetitive cycle or you could spend some time thinking; for free. Think about what makes you happy. There is some form of job that to you would be fulfilling. Really focus in and do some research. With technology and endless information at your finger tips you have NO REASON not to.


A little thought on what you love -be it a craft, music, or even writing- and the possibilities are endless if you put time and effort into learning about it’s industry. Instead of giving all your energy to a nine to five give some of it back to yourself and who knows what it could bring you. You may never achieve fame or a full time job doing what you love, but you will never know until you try. Hell, everyone who has made it started right where you an I are now.