Strike a Pose

 When most people hear the word taxidermy they think hunting, deer heads on walls, and creepy stuffed squirrels at your granddads house; something along that line. Me, well, I think about all the great artists I find. Some of them create classic humor with their craft, and some of them make you turn your head twice -or scroll back up for that matter.

Insert this find, an amazing little shop called Hoardaculture. I was looking up taxidermy and preserved specimens and just so happened to find this little gem. Amber M. is the creative force behind these intriguing pieces, and though you may not know the name, I bet you’ve seen her work before.

“My work has been featured in The New York Times, VICE Magazine, The LA Times, TimeOut NY, New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, Huffington Post, Gothamist, New York Metro, Flavorwire, and many others. I appeared on the hit Discovery Science TV series Oddities, and created a number of custom taxidermy mice for cult film director John Waters.” Source

While this artist has been written about before, she’s still worth mentioning again!

Everyone has seen something stuffed, like this very plain white rat in a glass dome, but Hordaculture creates much more with these tiny little fur-balls, adding just a bit of magic.

White rats are disgusting to some -beady red eyes, those scratching claws, and a slithering tail- but others, like me, have kept them as pets for years. I was saddened when my own rat, Twitch, passed away, and wish I would have had the skills to turn his empty vessel into something as intriguing as what follows.

Maybe Twitch could have been sipping cappuccino in my kitchen..

..or could have been a reaper for Halloween.

Or maybe he’s gone to Hogwarts. Nah, he’s probably just cosplaying. 

 The glasses and the scarf give it away.

The devil is in the details; down to the mark.

Or at least Twitch could have carved pumpkins with us come October. (81 days until Halloween!)

But enough about what Twitch could have been, I’m sure with the help of Amber at Hoardaculture he could have been anything. And while Twitch is gone -I’ve long since moved from where he is buried- I may get a little memento of him someday to put up on my shelf.

Amber trained hard to learn the taxidermy trade, attending Anderson’s Whitetail Taxidermy School, studying at the American Museum of Natural History, while also attending classes, lectures, and conventions all over. She is a member of New Jersey’s Garden State Taxidermists Association (GSTA), and a member of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists (MART), which set ethical guidelines with respect to animal welfare. She also contributes to the NY odd collectible seen, finding items for shops such as Kanibal Home in Jersey City, NJ, Eclectic Collectibles and Antiques, and Obscura Antiques and Oddities.

Not to mention many more.

It’s easy to see why she has made quite a mark. Just look at this bride and groom cake topper!

I could see my wife an I renewing our vows one day with a cake topper like this, except my wife would demand the mouse bride wear all black, and the groom-to-be’s top hat would need to be striped.

We’re an odd couple; married on Halloween. Imagine that.

Out of all the types of pieces I saw in her wonderful shop, I saved my favorite for last.

This one of a kind diorama of a gypsy fortune teller!

This awesome piece is adorned with deep red Victorian era wallpaper, gypsy posters, tarot cards, an Ouija board, crystal ball, the works! All it’s missing is an ominous “ooohhh-weeee-ooohh” noise to make you feel like you’ve just had your palm read; maybe a little incense.

All things considered, I may be contacting Hoardaculture in the near future. So many ideas, so little time!


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