I Can’t Paint

  I absolutely love paint on canvas, but brushes and I do not cooperate. I suck at painting. Even so I have a deep appreciation for painted works, and give respect to the artists who create them with skill and style.

  In my quest for knowledge, and with my thirst for new art, I came across a nice little society of artists in ON, Canada online that had some surprisingly abstract art that was right up my alley.

  Winged Canvas is Markham, ON, Canada’s art hub, a collection of artists from skilled to beginner, and a group that teaches rather than just display established artists’ works.

  My appreciation for canvas works and my appreciation for weird things coincided when I was lucky enough to stumble upon this wonderful shop.

  This was the first image I saw from the shops available works; a mouse and a snake posing with a vibe of friendship. This struck me as something outspoken in an age of so much hatred and division; a true display of the artist’s feelings through no words at all.

  This particular piece is from a “Campaign for Peace” series by artist Fei Lu.

 These wonderfully painted works are simple but send a message to the heart.

  I like that.

  After finding the above works, I clicked my way through Winged Canvas‘ shop, only to find even more intriguing work.

  I soon came across the “Fear and Obsession” series, also painted by Fei Lu. This creepy series is really up my alley. I was lucky enough to be able to scoop this piece up for myself.

  When you have a gigantic spiderweb across the entirety of your living room ceiling this piece was a no-brainer to buy. It goes along perfectly with the Feng Shui of my home.

  These weren’t the only pieces in the shop that really caught my eye. I was also intrigued by the Ray Bradbury inspired series of works below.

  I was specifically intrigued by this piece, which is explained a bit by the artist below.

  “This illustration was inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Illustrated Man”. This man’s tattoos are imbued with the dark power to tell stories and see the future.”

A bundle of eight of the “Circus Freaks” series prints is also available.

  Another artist in the shop caught my eye with some quirky strange art. And if you are a fan of “Gundam Wing you may like these a bit too much.

  The artist behind these pin-up model Gundam creations is Bryan Navasero, another of Winged Canvas‘ artists.

  The more I scrolled through this wonderful shop the more jealous I grew inside. How these amazing artist wield their brushes with such skill and originality is beyond me, but it really makes me want to take out the old brushes and give it a go again myself. Maybe one day my own quirky art can find it’s place on the web!



You can check out Winged Canvas and the artist which comprise it by clicking one of the links below.