Riding Low

  If you were lucky enough to have a wagon when you were a kid, chances are you’ll love everything I’m about to show you.

  When we were kids we hauled toys in our wagons, pretended we were driving a car, or went full rebel and took them out to hit the jumps. This toy could be used in so many ways, and our imaginations were the only limit. But, as we grow up, we tend to let our imaginative ideas dwindle. This was not the case for James Mathew Frye of Jacks Wagons.

  He had forgotten about his wagon days and found a love for cars; until the birth of his son. After getting his little man his first wagon, he decided to customize it with an imaginative twist, and created a low rider wagon.

“Well, between my love of cars and my son being born, I think the two just sparked something to make both worlds exist together.”  

The og wagon i built

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  Finding a lot of enjoyment in his first creation, he began to imagine more ideas in his head, and it wasn’t long before he decided to go “Round Two” on another wagon.

  And soon, – as with any hobby – two became three, and three became four. James was creating a fleet of low rider wagons.

   I was lucky enough to witness these creations come to life from the beginnings, as I’ve known their creator for a long time. I watched his posts on social media, and loved each new wagon…

  …however, it wasn’t just his friends and myself that caught wind of these awesome low riders. Others began showing the love on social media, and soon Jacks Wagons was open for business.

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  While these wagons are not meant for hitting the jumps, they are built to last. Not to mention the coolest way to cruise, for sure!

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  If you want to get your hands on your own custom low rider wagon, give a shout out to Jacks wagons, where YOUR imagination is the only limit!



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