Chaotic Intrigue

Chaotic Intrigue

  I’ve long been drawn towards peculiar creations, and when I first came across the works of Chris Helton of Kujiiira Art, I became fascinated by their occultism.

  Currently living in Dallas, TX, Chris has expanded his reach and captured the darker side of emotion with his art. His style is inspired by artists such as HR Giger, Beksinski, and Mark Riddick, and his unique works utilize mediums such as oil paints, acrylic paints, charcoal, and ink.

  Like many artists I relate with, Chris feels he has been in very dark places in the past. He expresses his darker side through unique monochrome or black and white style artwork, and each of his works capture with an eerie, odd, satisfaction.

   This simplistic, black-and-white oddity is one of my absolute favorites. With it’s ominous, spiraling strangeness, it quickly stuck out to me. The entity displayed conveys a dark mysticism, and strikes me as a nightmarish figure echoing in the rippling waves of existence.

   Another of Chris’ works that found its way to my favorites is a cast of dark figures reaching toward an omniscient eye, encircled by an unknown ancient text. This piece exudes a very occult, cryptic sensation that seeps from the canvas into your soul; scratching its way into the darker corners of your own mind.

  At 27 years old, Chris finds himself with a love of art, but also enjoys playing guitar, as well as building and drafting computers. He studied 3D Game Art at Collin College, and – using his unique creativity and acquired skills – landed his name in the credits of the game ‘Borderlands 2 ’.

  Even so, Chris has truly found his place as an aspiring artist, and continues to create some extraordinary pieces. Each work is a new claim to his rightful place among those creating what is considered “Dark Art”.

  This piece, an otherworldly figure lurking over the decaying ruins of a cemetery, is my absolute favorite. It captures all that is dark. The overwhelming energy conveyed is startling, and the figure peers into you with its ghostly presence.

  On April 20th of this year, Chris shared his work at an exhibit for the first time – furthering the reach of his enigmatic art – as part of the Conception Contemporary Art Exhibit in Dallas, TX.

  He has also participated in several collaborations with other artists, such as Brian Burks, Dan Kraus, Heather Stewart, Mark S. Gagne – who has been a featured artist at Nothing Normal Here in the past – and more.

Collaboration with Brian Burks

Collaboration with Dan Kraus

Collaboration with Mark S. Gagne

Collaboration with Heather Stewart

  Chris has also promoted his style while creating logos for the bands ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship ‘, and ‘Heathen Burial ‘.

  Besides creating logos, artworks, and single collaborations, Chris is also working as a contributor to the ‘Dark Art Tarot Project ‘, which combines artwork from 78 unique dark art creators to assemble a Tarot deck like none other.

  The works of Kujiiira Art are also going to be featured in galleries later this year, in August and October:



  Chris is a unique artist, and he strives to further his network of colleagues and artists alike.


  “Networking is the one of the most important parts of being an artist, much more than creating art itself I believe. I have made more friends and acquaintances than I ever imagined I would through Facebook. Every single one of my shows planned have come about because of either recommendations or the people running the shows reaching out to me, it just goes to show the importance of getting to know other artists and constantly learning from them and vice versa.”  Chris Helton

  Even with all the deep, peculiar, dark art pouring from Chris Helton of Kujiiira Art, I am certain that his future looks bright. I can’t wait to see what the next work to escape his mind will be!

  To see more of the works of Kujiiira Art, click on one of the following links!



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