Fine Art Fingers

Fine Art Fingers

  Remember finger painting as a kid? Creating your own world with total freedom? Well, meet Marilyn G. Brechin, an artist who has embraced that childhood freedom, and now creates unique finger paintings.

 Born of a beautiful love affair between a German girl and an American Soldier, this artist was a handful at a young age. This ensured her place as an only child. She was different from the regular crowd – a feeling most readers here can relate to – and began to feel isolated from the normal, everyday. Marilyn began crafting a fantasy world of her own to escape the norm, and began collecting pictures out of magazines that held hypnotizing, glaring, eyes, and expressions; soon creating art of her own.

  At 7 she started drawing. By 9 she had done her first oil painting; a landscape. By her teen years she was experimenting with many different styles, including portraits, and when she came across the art of Salvador Dali, her perception of art dramatically changed. Marilyn then decided to fully embrace the possibilities of art in a new, incredible way; by creating her fantasy world on canvas for all to see.

  The pieces you see are all part of the inner mind of their creator. Each eerie masterpiece is 90% created using a secret finger-painting technique that Marilyn has devised. She never lets anyone watch her paint, as to protect her secret technique, but has sold her fantasy works to many collectors, and has even created a few commissioned works for album covers.

Album cover for Jon Curoso

Gig poster for Babes in Toyland.

“Merry Widow” special edition 45 for Olivia Jean.

   Marilyn has also had her artwork featured in the music video by Nordik FireAre We Alone“.

“Music has always been a driving force in my creative process. Each piece that I do has its own soundtrack.”   Marilyn G. Brechin

  I can only imagine what the soundtrack behind each of these mesmerizing paintings may be, but I bet if Marilyn and I compared playlists, we’d find a few similar titles.

  With dark melancholy mixed with abstract surrealism, each of her paintings is truly one to behold. Her works are unlike anything I’ve ever come across, and appear as if your vision is wavering in the in-between of crossed eyes, splitting characters into bizarre perspectives.

“I continue to strive to improve my art and my perspective of the world. As an artist, that’s my job, to tap into that pin-wheel of emotion that everyone has, and everyone experiences. With my art, I want to affect people mind, body, and spirit.”   Marilyn G. Brechin

  With her unusual technique, and peculiar pieces, I am sure that Marilyn will continue to grow as an artist, and draw in many more followers of her work. I know for a fact that I will be following her art, and can’t wait to see what new creations escape her fantasy world and find their way to canvas.



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