Eye-popping Pop Culture

Eye-popping Pop Culture

  Mark Gagne of MSG Imaging creates incredible pop culture paintings and original artworks.

  I’m a fanboy of sorts (mainly for 90’s cartoons), and when I happened across Mark Gagne’s amazing renditions of pop culture icons and characters, I became enthralled.

  As a life-long art lover, he has trained in several artistic mediums, but painting has become his greatest passion. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries, cafes, restaurants, festivals, and busy art markets, and capture crowds just as well as they capture each character.

  There’s a ton of pop culture and fan art finding its way around the web, but Mark’s style is one of a kind, standing out among the others.

“Rocko” of Rocko’s Modern Life

“Zoidberg” of Futurama

  Each of Mark’s works seem to pop from the page, and breathe life into their fictional counterparts.

  Some of my favorite pieces in his gallery include renditions of Ren and Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain, the cast of Archer, and Futurama. But, why stop with television shows? He also creates astonishing paintings of some of my favorite video game characters, from “Kratos” of God of War to “Birdo” of Super Mario Bros. 2. 

  Even classic comic book characters have found their way onto paper through Mark’s skilled hands, with a MSG Imagery twist.


MSG rendition of Archie

  While I am infatuated with all the fan art Mark produces, his original creations “wow” as well. These characters truly display his incredible skills, and vast imagination.

“Bitchbot 5”



  Speaking of imagination, Mark has even turned a few old thrift store pieces into re-purposed masterpieces. These recycled pieces take bland, forgotten works and invigorate them with new intensity.



  With so much imagination coursing through his veins, it’s impossible to predict what fascinating feature Mark will paint next. Whether creating fan art, original works, or re-purposing forgotten treasures, I’m sure he will continue to “wow” all who come across his fascinating pieces. Very soon, I would like to grab some work from Mark myself. That is, if I can make my mind up, and figure out which to choose!

  If there’s anyone out there as indecisive as me, know that Mark also takes special orders, so feel free to contact him with your requests!



To see more of Mark Gagne’s amazing work, click one of the following links!

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