Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness

  Veronika Lozovaya employs a wide range of artistic skills to create disheartening, Gothic dolls.

  Originally from Russia, Veronika came to the U.S. after working as an interpreter for five years. Here she discovered doll making as an art form, and decided that it would be a perfect outlet for her creativity.

  These are not your average dolls. Each is one of a kind, and made from scratch. Veronika must make each mold, sew, and paint, using a variety of mediums. These can include paper clay, polymer clay, different paints and pastels, fabrics, leather, mohair, and even wood.

  She enjoys working with all these mediums, approaching the challenge head on.

I would never be completely satisfied confined in only one medium. “

  Each doll is a challenge from start to finish, but Veronika embraces every moment.

My skills are continuously growing. I am curious to see how my work evolves over time.

  Most Dark Alley Dolls are small children with large disproportionate heads, and eerily innocent faces. Each is as enticing as it is disturbing.

  Veronica’s use of faded and gloomy colors deepens the unspoken story of each doll.

  “I never strive to create a complicated piece that looks perfect in every way, but one that tells a story and makes you feel.” 

  Though the dolls have simple features, the disheartening dismay of each is illustrious.

  Veronika’s own childhood experiences inspire the dolls themes, and it is important for her to be able to express her own emotions and fantasies in them. Because of this, she DOES NOT take custom orders. She also does not recreate past projects that have been sold.

  Though Veronika’s doll making skills are remarkable, her photographs are what capture each creation’s essence. Each shot adds a little more wonder to the unspoken tale hiding beneath each’s surface.

*You can snag yourself some of Dark Alley Dolls art prints in Veronika’s Etsy shop.

  Not all of Dark Alley Dolls Creations are ghostly children. In fact, my favorite character from this shop is actually an old alley cat.

  Apparently, Harold the ginger alley cat has a drinking problem that landed him on the streets. His vibrant blue eyes shimmer in contrast to his bleak, tattered coat, and soiled red fur. With a lonely stare, he sits in his depression, longing for a friend, or another drink.

  I can almost envision him squatting in a dark alley, tightening his scarf, pulling up his collar, and hiding from a brisk winter wind.

  Though I’m not a doll collector, I found these peculiar pieces worth the share. As eerie as they may be, I find them charming, and am inspired by their Gothic elegance.



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